Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Chaandy was raised in historic city of Cochi, Kerala, India. A few years ago, he landed himself what he thought was a pretty sweet construction job in the Gulf States building malls and thirty-seven star hotels. While on the job, he gained a taste for country music, which was always played by one of his workmates. Pretty soon, though, it turned out quasi slave-labour wasn't quite his thing, so he managed to bribe his foreman to get his passport back and Chaandy escaped back to India.
Still not content, he looked up a cousin who was studying engineering at the University of Tennessee. Being himself a Nasrani Christian, he was able to get some scholarships from a few churches in the Knoxville area to begin his own computer science degree at UT Chattanooga. It started out well, but then, after a weekend trip, it all changed. His prior love of country music led him, naturally, to Pigeon Forge, and to experience the previously unimaginable: Dolly's Dixieland Stampede. Chaandy's world turned upside down. For the past two years, he has been working tirelessly to find investors for what he hopes will bring Kerala to the big leagues of global tourism: A Vasco da Gama dinner-theatre spectacle at the heart of his Chaandy's Wild Ponnani! amusement park. He is very close to securing funding for "Zamorin's Revenge", the greatest maglev roller coaster in history, capable of reaching 400 km/h (250 mph).

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