Thursday, 2 October 2014


Hux was born Aldous Huxley III. Although he is of no relation to the Aldous Huxley, his father, a broke-ass drunk, named him so after a guy in a tavern once told him that the original Aldous Huxley had died without any known heirs, and that a sizeable fortune rested in escrow somewhere, awaiting to be inherited. Rather than take care of his son, raise him properly and provide him with a decent education, Hux's dad spent most of his son's childhood forging documents to support the claim to the purported fortune. SPOILER ALERT: there never was a fortune. So now, the dad is serving ten to eighteen for a variety of fraud-related convictions, and Aldous III is a broke-ass drunk who hangs out in taverns listening to cockamamie stories, hoping to find his own get-rich scheme.

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