Saturday, 8 March 2014


Ajeet grew up in a pretty normal middle class family in Bangalore (he's a HUGE Challengers supporter), and, when his exam scores were too low to get into university, he found a good job in a call centre.
When he first started calling people in Canada to see if they wanted their air ducts cleaned, he didn't even know what an air duct was. With the help of the internets, he did a little investigation and not only found out what it was, but also found out how much you could charge to do the cleaning. He dropped everything, and moved to join his cousin living in Brampton, Ontario. He enrolled in college, and became an HVAC specialist. He got married a few years ago, and he and his wife, Amolika, own an HVAC business in Mississauga. It's the 37th largest in the 905. They've made it large. Have YOU made it large?

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