Tuesday, 4 November 2014


From the time she was about 15 Kelcee was always known as "the pretty one" in her circle of acquaintances. Whilst she was never school-smart, she was never dumb, either. She quickly learned that she could get most guys to do what she wanted by sleeping with them, and that she actually liked having sex. Quite a bit. Unfortunately, she also discovered that although sex for favours was in a legal grey zone, sex for money was a no-no. Or was it?

In a move to operate a high-end escort service, Kelcee opened up a "Pornography Academy". When patrons arrived to meet her or one of her girls, they would also be given a disposable camera, and could then document, should they want, their "pornographic coaching session". The matter is now before the courts. During the trial, Kelcee married the senior partner at her defending law firm. She doesn't like him much, but he is extravegantly wealthy. She figures retail-level sex for money may be against the law, but sole-source wholesale contracts still seem to be very legal, indeed.

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