Friday, 7 November 2014


Oscar is the living embodiment of Lover Boy's 1981 anthem: he works for the weekend. During the week he has a decent job as an assistant manager at Benjamanian, one of those big box carpet stores. It's a pretty good career, given his education consists of being 4 credits shy of a degree in late medieval Icelandic literature. But on the weekend, oh, the weekend. Oscar lives for the weekend. His Friday night routine is sacred. He grills a steak over hot coals. He likes it well-cooked but juicy: Argentinian-style. He accompanies this with a good bottle of heavy French red wine, and then drinks himself into a stupor whilst smoking his pipe and listening to jazz. This week will be a particularly good week. First, it's a lovely, marbled, Delmonico, then, a 2004 St. Julien, and finally, a stack of old Verve 45's he found at a church rummage sale last Saturday. For Oscar, life is very good.

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