Thursday, 13 February 2014


The only thing extraordinary about Gwen is how incredibly ordinary she is. She works as a middle manager at a large firm, so she doesn't actually "do" work, or manage anyone: she sits in a cubicle and acts a Soviet-style checkpoint between people who do work, and people who get paid more than her. Sometimes, to assert her authority, she will insist on the use of an Oxford comma. After work, Gwen drives her SUV back to her suburban home where she feeds her children a really neat new prepared meal from the supermarket (Eating chicken tikka-masala helps them be more wordly). Her husband checked out a long time ago, and spends much of his time and money supporting the local sports team. But it's ok: he has a man-cave so that makes him very masculine and desirable. Her two children are 'C' students, but that's the teachers' fault, because "they don't challenge the children enough". Once the kids are in bed, Gwen likes to watch CSI with a nice glass of wine and a couple of Zoloft.

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